Frequently Asked Questions
What are the essential parts of a truck & trailer?
Brakes, Drums, Coolant Parts, Suspension, and Lubricants are the essential truck & trailer parts.
Which truck and trailer parts need to be replaced, frequently?
Hubcaps, Hoses, Sensors, Filters, Lights, Brakes, Drums, Suspension, Coolant Parts, and Lubricants are some of the most often replaced trucks & trailers parts.
What is the quality of aftermarket truck & trailer parts?
The quality of aftermarket truck & trailer parts varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Is there any warranty offered for trucks & trailer parts?
There are warranties, depending upon the parts distributor.
Where can I order affordable heavy truck & trailer parts from?
BigRig Partz carries a large inventory of heavy truck & trailer parts available at an affordable price. You can reach out to the BigRig Partz store near you or call us at 800-977-0010 to order parts.
Where do you get your parts?
BigRig Partz procures trucks & trailer parts from trusted and reputed parts distributors and manufacturers to deliver quality and value at an affordable price.
What is the difference between OEM and non-OEM parts?
The manufacturers make the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts as per dealerships, and the non-OEM parts are made for all makes and models.
Can you help me install my parts?
Currently, BigRig Partz does not offer parts installation services. However, we provide tire services at our sister concern, KVL Tires.